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About Us

In early 1980s our Chairman, Mr. Akram Ghazal lsmail established his first trading company in Iraq dealing in general items, auto parts, and various kinds of tires. Initially, Firestone and Sumitomo tires were traded and distributed all across Iraq. His understanding of the business and tenacity resulted in getting regional agencies for these famous brands. After 11 years his son Mr. Bassam Akram Ghazal (current C.E.O) had the vision to realize the business potential in UAE and decided to establish his business in Dubai and the result was a great success as we all see now!.

In 1991, Al Rabee Al Akhder general trading was established in the main business district of Dubai for trading tires, tubes, batteries and automotive lubricants. The business domain quickly spread into GCC and some part of Africa especially in Sudan market. In 1999, Al Rabee Al Akhder general trading entered in Sudan and established its name and built a strong relationship with Sudan government and work with loyal customers for long terms business.

Our Vision:

To have a global name of repute in tire market, make our customer delighted and provide human services. In all activities we seek professional excellence; Ethical means justify our noble ends. We will accomplish our vision through our commitment to strategic growth, outstanding service and excellence in customer service.

Our Mission:

We shall strive to be a value based organization seeking professional excellence in all our products, processes and services and creating wealth to serve the society at large. To be a world-class company by providing and delivering innovative products and extraordinary service at competitive prices.

Our Philosophy:

The business philosophy that Mr. Bassam Akram Ghazal adopted when he started Al Rabee Al Akhder general trading (LLC) still guides our operations today satisfying our customers by supplying the highest quality products at a fair price, backed by world-class service, support and timely deliveries.

Social responsibility:

Al Rabee Al Akhdar Gen.Trdg. Spends 2.5% from the annual net profit to the social cause by building mosques and pay to Charities in Iraq and Sudan. We will pursue the development of our financial and human resources through diversified business activities, in an ethical and socially responsible manner and in pace with the advancements of the day.

We will uphold a professional code of conduct in pursuit of our goals and are committed to taking up social responsibilities as a corporate by dedicating a significant share of our productive surpluses for espousing social causes that would benefit our employees, their families and the society at large.